1.         A Logistic Monitoring Cell has been established at the Naval Headquarters as a Monitoring System with a view of increasing efficiency and transparency in the procurement process of SLN.

2.         Any inquiry with regards to the procurement process of any tender activity can be obtained through following means with effect from 01st August 2011.

a.         Inquiries of the present position could be made by making an e-mail request to or through the telephone numbers indicated in para (b) below. Once a response has been made on a  particular tender activity, the same supplier  will not be responded again on the same tender until the laps of  7 days or until the laps of the time duration given in the last reply which ever is the shorter.

b.         In addition, if there are any complains with regard to the procurement process of ongoing procurement activities, those could be directed to the above email address or to the following Telephone Lines during working hours.

(1)        011 7192392
(2)        011 7192393