Engineering/ General Engineering/ Plant / Machinery/ Tools.
Electrical/ Electronics / Communication.
Stationery/ Material Clothing & Accessories / House hold/Cookery & cutlery / Bakery Items.
Medical Equipment / Drugs.
Sports Items / Musical & Band Instruments.
Furniture / Office Equipment.
Armament / Armament Tools.
Specialize Services/ Repairs/ Consultancy.
Building Materials & Hardware.
Computers/Related Equipments/Software & IT Services
Ships Write  Off
Vehicle Repairs
Vehicles Insurance
  Items Belongs to
A. - Engineering/ General Engineering/ Plant / Machinery/ Tools.
Paints, Painting items, Building materials, Chemicals for industrial/ House hold, Fuel, Gas, Welding consumables, foundry material, Marine paints, Oil & Lubricants, Engineering tools, Gardening, Agricultural, Lathe / Milling/ Shaping tools, pneumatic  Equipment & Machinery,  Carpentry tools, Polishers, Power tools, Vehicles and spares, Fire Fighting, Diving Equipment, Generator and Spares, Motor & Spares, Cold room/ Cool rooms & spares.
B. - Electrical/ Electronics / Communication.
Lamps/ Fittings & Bulbs, Switch Gear/ Domestic Fixture and accessories, Domestic & Industrial Electrical fittings and accessories, Control & Distribution Panel, Voltage stabilizes, Control & Distribution panels, Transformers, General Domestic appliances, Fans, Heavy Duty Electrical appliances, Scales weight, Air Conditioners, Appliances for catering / Kitchen, Industrial Machinery and appliances, Water purification equipment, Electrical workshop fools and accessories, Audio & Video equipment, Wire and Cable, PABX accessories and spares, Photographic equipment, Cameras, Security systems and Surveillance Camera systems, Muti - media Projectors, Batteries & Charges, Information Technology equipment, Communication equipment and spares, Electronic Warfare systems, Facsimile equipment.
C. - Stationery/ Material Clothing & Accessories / House hold/Cookery & cutlery / Bakery Items.
Office utensils, Desktop stationary utensils, Educational & Display, Other Miscellaneous, Stationary items, Manuals, periodic   publications, Library books, Souvenir items, Papers & Books, Clothing/ Uniform Material, Uniform / Civies, other Garments, Beddings, Nets Mosquito, Uniform accessories & Ceremonial items, Badges, Headgear, Accoutrements, traffic equipment (Gloves Luminous, Rain Coats, Torch Light special, etc.)Leather products, Rubber products, Canvas products, Flags, Cooking, Cutlery and Crockery items, Glass/ Earthen and enemal ware, Bakery equipment & accessories.
D. - Medical Equipment / Drugs.
Public Health inspecting items, Medical / Dental drugs & other general items, X – ray instruments/ accessories & Films, Theatre & Surgical instruments, syringes, Diagnosit equipment & accessories, all type of Laboratory equipment and chemicals for physics, Chemistry & Biology, Dental chairs, equipment & accessories, Physiotherapy equipment, Spectacles & accessories, equipment for disable.
E. - Sports Items / Musical & Band Instruments.
Sports materials / goods and clothing, Western Musical and Band instruments and accessories, Oriental Musical and Band Instruments and accessories, stage Lighting effects and   accessories.
F. - Furniture / Office Equipment.
Wooden & Cane furniture, Steel furniture, Fiber furniture, Aluminum furniture, Glass/ Plastic and furniture made out of other materials, Interior Decorating (Flooring, Carpeting, Flower arrangements, curtaining etc), Machine typewriters, Machine Ronio, Duplicator Digital, Cutter paper, Machine Calculators, Clock walls, Machine Fax / Telex, Machine printer, Machine Photocopy / Reprographic, Machine OHP and projectors slides, Machine paper shredders, Cutters stencil, Machine plotters or scanners, Machine cheque writing, Machine book binding, Machine laminating, Machine File recording, Machine Franking.
G. - Armament / Armament Tools.
Weapons Calibre medium, Fuses & Accessories, Heat detectors, Weapon cleaning kits and ancillaries, Gun pads, Mounting and accessories, Fireworks, small arms ammunitions, Commercial explosives, Armoured wheel Vehicles, Armoured vehicles, APCs, Bombs Kiadubg trucks, Miscellaneous.
H. - Specialize Services/ Repairs /Consultancy.
Repairs, Installations and Services, Specialized consultancy.
J. - Building Materials & Hardware.
General Material (Bricks, Cemnet Blocks, Metal, Clay fire, Rubble, Sand Sea/River, Gravelly Earth), Cement Portland, Flooring / Roofing materials, Sanitary fittings & accessories, Timber, plywood other sheets, sheets Glass / Fiber & asbestos products, sheet/ boards metallic, concrete and pre – cast concrete products, plates, rods, pipes, bars and tubing metallic, plates, rods, pipes, bars, sockets and tubing metallic marine quality (all type), Hardware general items including marine quality material, Motor winding materials, Aluminum / products, canvas/ synthetic materials, plumbing items, storage tanks, PVC products, Cleaning material, utensils and other accessories, General domestic appliances / Plastic items, Wire barbed, Wire concertina, Chain Links fencing, Bullet proof Glasses, Gabion boxes / Chain Links, Erosion control products,  Soil improvement materials, quarry dust, Chips.
K. - Clothing
Materials, Uniforms/Civies, Other Garments, Beddings, Nets Mosquito, Uniform Accessories & Ceramonial Items, Badges, Headgear, Accoutrements, Traffic Equipmennt, Leather Products, Rubber Products, Canvas Products, Other Proudest
L. - Computers/Related Equipments/Software & IT Services
Computer Complete, Keyboards, Mouse, UPS, Monitor, Web Camera, Headset, Laptop, Internal Hard Disk, External Hard Disk, External DVD Writer, USB pen drive, Dotmatrix Printer, Color Printer, Laser Printer, Casing with PSU, Printer Ribbons, Parallel Cable, Ink Cartidges, Toner Cartridges, Toner Photocopier, Blank CDs, Blank DVDs, VGA Cables, HDMI Cable, D-Port Cable, Power Cable, USB printer Cable, Computer Toolkit, Powerpoint Slider, VGA Converter, Motherboard, Processor with Cooling Fan, Ram, Computer Power Supply Unit, Network Card, VGA Cards, Multimeedia Projector, Scanner, Server, Tablet, UPS Battery, N Computing Unit
M. - Ships Write Off
N. - Vehicle Repairs
Mechanical repair, Engine repair, AC Repair, Tinkering & Painting repair, Fabricate of hydraulic hose, Cushion & Upholstering repair, Interial cleaning, Bike & threewheel repair, Eletrical repair, Radiator repair, All type of vehicle routing services
Q. - Vehicles Insurance
    Obtaining comprehensive motor insurance coverage for vehicles belongs to Sri Lanka Navy. (Categories of vehicles: motor cars, bus, truck, light vehicles, motor bike, utility vehicles etc.), Tenders are invited from the eligible firms as per the Ministry of Finance letter no 04/2015 dated 14 July 2015.

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